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WOLVES: Most Common Breeds

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WOLVES: Most Common Breeds  Empty WOLVES: Most Common Breeds

Post by MoonShine on Thu Jul 03, 2014 3:20 am

[guide title="Common Wolf Breeds"]

[box]There are two widely recognized wolf species, grey and red, but there are still debate on exactly how many there are. Wolves are the largest member of the canine family, but only occupy 2/3 of their once natural habitat (only about 5/6% of the United States) due to hunting and poaching. Wolves can live in many different geological areas and climates and this in return shows in their appearance and how they act. [/box]

[tit]Scientific Classification[/tit]
#* Kingdom: --> Animalia (All animals)
#* Phylum: --> Chordata (Animals with a backbone)
#* Class: --> Mammalia (All mammals)
#* Order: --> Carnivora (Carnivorous mammals)
#* Family: --> Canidae (Dog-like mammals)
#* Genus: --> Canis (Dogs)
#* Species:
    --> lupus (gray wolves)
    --> rufus (red wolves)
    --> lycaon (believed to be subspecies of gray wolf)

#* Examples of other Canid Species:[NOTE text="This guide will not going into detail on the following canids"]
    --> latrans (coyote)
    --> aureus (golden jackal)
    --> mesomelas (black-backed jackal)
    --> adustus (side-striped jackal)
    --> dingo (dingo)
    --> familiaris (domestic dog)
    --> simensis (Abyssinian or Ethiopian wolf)


[tit]North American Grey Wolves[/tit]
Grey Wolf :

[box][tit]The Grey Wolf (Canis Lupus)[/tit]

WOLVES: Most Common Breeds  5304428242_a5b03a8e06
Photo (C) BBM Explorer
Grey wolves, also called Timber Wolves, are the most known. They were also the most abundant wolf species in North America, Eurasia, and the Middle East, but due to human activity they are down to a fraction of what they were. Grey wolves can range in all sizes depending on where they live.

#* Appearance: Grey with other specks of darker colors mixed in at the base of their neck, but could be a variety of colors.
#* Weight: 75 - 125 lbs (34 - 56 kg) Males are usually larger than females.
#* Height: 27 - 32 inches at the shoulder
#* Length: 50 - 70 inches nose to tail
Arctic Wolf:

[box][tit]The Arctic Wolf (Canis lupus arctos)[/tit]

WOLVES: Most Common Breeds  14208676223_bdceae5dc7_z
Photo (C) Jamie In Bytown
Arctic wolves tend to be smaller than Grey wolves with shorter ears and short snouts. Due to where they live, they are not threatened by hunting and habitat destruction

#* Appearance: Red, gray, white and black
#* Weight: 88 -145 lbs (40 - 70 kg)
#* Height: 25 -31 inches at the shoulder
#* Length: 36 - 60 inches nose to tail
Alaskan Tundra Wolf :

[box][tit]The Alaskan Tundra Wolf (Canis lupus tundarum)[/tit]

WOLVES: Most Common Breeds  Canis%20lupus%20tundrarum02
Photo (C) Wolves of the World
The Alaskan Tundra Wolf is said to be a subspecies of the Interior Alaskan Wolf, but it shares characteristics with other the Mackenzie Valley Wolf and the Mackenzie Tundra Wolf.

#* Appearance: Light colors, or pure white, also dark coats including black. Moderately thick hair
#* Weight: 80 - 176 lbs (36 - 79 kg)
#* Height: ...
#* Length: 50 - 64 inches nose to tail
Alexander Archipelago Wolf :

[box][tit]The Alexander Archipelago Wolf (Canis lupus ligoni)[/tit]

WOLVES: Most Common Breeds  Canis_lupus_ligoni_01
Photo (C) John Hyde (link on picture)
Subspecies of Grey Wolf. They are found in southeast Alaska and within the Tongass National Forest. From all the rocky islands they travel across it is very hard to track them. They are also isolated from other wolves because of this.

#* Appearance: Small with black or dark colored coats
#* Weight: 30 - 50 lbs(13 - 23 kg)
#* Height: 60 inches at shoulder
#* Length: 30 - 42 inches nose to tail


[box][tit]NAME (scientific name)[/tit]

WOLVES: Most Common Breeds  Img
[url=link]Photo (C) author[/url]

#* Appearance: ...
#* Weight: ...
#* Height: ...
#* Length: ...

[tit]Red Wolves[/tit]
North American Red Wolf:

[box][tit]The North American Red Wolf (Canis lupus rufus)[/tit]

WOLVES: Most Common Breeds  Redwolf.jpg.0x545_q100_crop-scale
Photo (C) OnceAndFutureLaura
The North American Red wolf is the only surviving wolf that evolved in North America. It's origin is still discussed; whether the red wolf is a true species or a hybrid caused by the interbreeding of coyotes and gray wolves. They almost went extinct by the hand of man, but since 1987, hundreds of red wolves have been reintroduced to the wild. However, they are still seen as unwanted intruders by some people and are hunted down.

#* Appearance: Smaller than grey wolves, short coarse fur and a slender and elongated head. Usually mainly brown, blended with colors ranging from cinnamon red to almost black. Light markings above the eyes are common.
#* Weight: 40 - 90 lbs (18 - 40 kg)
#* Height: 15 - 16 inches at the shoulder
#* Length: 55 - 65 inches nose to tail

[tit]Eurasian Gray Wolves[/tit]



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