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Forbidden Forest Pack | v2

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Forbidden Forest Pack | v2  Empty Forbidden Forest Pack | v2

Post by Apache on Sun Jan 29, 2017 11:48 am

Welcome to the Forbidden Forest Pack.
We are a semi-realistic roleplay with
much to offer our members. FFP is a
play-by-post RPG, inquiring that our
members will roleplay using their own
plot aside from the events we host to
enhance and develop the main plot.
We are open to experienced and beginner
roleplayers and encourages all forms of
roleplay(1st person, 3rd person).

The pack is under constant watch by
unknown, highly skilled invaders.
They torment the pack by creating
intense challenges, disappearances,
famine and more. Though the pack is
making all effort to survive, no one
knows their next strike. It could be a
matter of time before the enemy makes
a move so intelligent the pack would
unwillingly submit.

Rules and Requirements
1. An application is required to join FFP.
They may be submitted here, via PM, or
you may fill out one of our site apllications.

2. Registration is required
to join FFP. Friends and
Affiliates are not subject to this rule.

3. Our site is rated PG and should be
used as such. For a further extent of
this rule, please read the site rules.

4. Please register with your wolfs name,
but make it pretty!(readable too) This is
not mandatory.

5. Type "Fobidden" along with your form
for easy finding. Thank you!

Why Join Us?
FFP was a very active pack in the year 2012.
We had lots of fun roleplaying and we would
love to do the same again. Following are some
reasons to join us!

Realistic Assets
Most sites carry more unrealistic
features and others carry more
realistic ones. As a semi-realistic
pack, we carry both characteristics.
Members are able to start off
mostly realistic and purchase more
unrealistic things using BLANK at the
pack shop if they so choose. We reside
in Yellowstone national park, a most
populated area for wolves, make it
ideal for the packs creation.

Steady Roleplay
The pace of our roleplay is niether
too fast or too slow. We feel that a
good pace is needed so no one is left
behind or leaving because there isnt
enough activity. The plot topics will
prove useful so that users may post
when they can and liquid time( being
in more than one place at a time) will
eliminate boredom.

Live Shopping System
Most use topics for their shops. FFP
uses a plug-in designed to make users
feel like they are shopping online but
using fake money, of course. By things
you need to customise and enhance your
character. The items never stop!

Customizable Names
When you register with your wolfs name,
put symbols, comprehensible fonts
for the creativity part of FFP. Skies the limit.

Post all forms via site link please! Thank you :)


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