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Post by ccadmin on Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:06 am

canine concept Tumblr_static_bqmtpkgw7cow88o8csowookos
"The world as we once knew it...is no longer"
In 2015, the Beren Nuclear power plant in Maine, had a major meltdown. Radiation escaped into the environment and many humans were infected and died off from radiation sickness. Those that remained behind had become immune to it, but there were others that have mutated and live underground. The government was destroyed in a matter of weeks as the thick radiation cloud swept across the nation like a tidal wave. Humans were now the extinct species. Or so it was thought. What is not known is that there are still humans living here...well living is a rather loose word at the moment. They thrive underground now, in sewers, some have mutated themselves into something entirely different.

Packs are beginning to form with one wanting to be the ultimate pack to rule everything. If that wasn't enough, the dead have begun rising and the spirits of those passed have returned to existence. What was really going on in that nuclear power plant? Now, five years later the world is basically a ghost town and there is no life here...right? Wrong.

Rising from the ashes, canines have emerged and now rule. Some of these canines have also developed an immunity, while others too have become infected, mutating into something else entirely. Some have developed unnatural tendencies. The radiation isn't that high in the city so living here is safe...to a point. It's become a dog-eat-dog world out there. Do you have what it takes to live here? Will you survive...or come down with the sickness? Come find out!.
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