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Executing a challenge

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Executing a challenge Empty Executing a challenge

Post by Zamber on Sat Mar 15, 2014 8:04 am

[GUIDE title="Executing a Challenge"]
[tit]What is a Challenge?[/tit]
[box]A challenge is a one on one battle between two of a species. They fight for possession, death, territory, mates, and other things that would help them survive. Below, you will see the requirements, Steps, and types of Challenges you may express during a challenge; obstacles are also included!

[tit]The Requirements[/tit]
The requirements are to be looked over before beginning a challenge. See you second in command for if you have any questions.

*Must have full Health Bar
*Must have correct number of Experience Points and Attack Points(To be Determined)
*Must have permission from Commander in Chief
*Must be 18 years(RP Years) or older to Participate
*Women cannot be expecting a child
*Person must be of the same Kingdom as you in order to Challenge them
*Must have no more than 2 warnings from the Council

[tit]Types of Challenges[/tit]

Greatest Blade - Someone thinks his sword s sharper than another. To prove their worth, they may choose to have a go at it.

For My Beloved - A man will do anything to keep his love out of harms way. For the sake, should she end up in the hands of a thief, he would fight to gain back his beloved.

She Belongs with Me - Two men in love with a woman has a fitful price. A man would fight off the man who seeks to win his own love, the two at a share for a woman's love.

Betrayal comes at a Price - Anyone can discover a traitor and wish to dispose of him. However, this would be a life or death situation.

(Men or woman are subject to these Battles, more may be added)
[/lyst] [/box]

[tit]Steps to do a Challenge[/tit]
[box]!4Telling the Commander in Chief!4
*In rp you must inform you chief fighter of the challenger you wish to set. The information will be passed on to the King and Queen.
- If it is the Chief fighter you are challenging, skip this step.

!4Make sure you follow the requirements!4
*Be sure that your character follows the above requirements in order to issue a challenge, or the Commander in Chief will deny your right to challenge a user.

!4Placing a challenge!4
*In rp, you would place your challenge directly where you stood in RP. You can either be in front of the person you are challenging, or away from him/her. State their Name, time and place of the challenge, and the reason for it.
- Men and women may choose to challenge same or opposite sex.
- A PM must be sent by the challenger as well, in case the user they challenged misses their post in rp on the same date they issued the challenge. The form is found below.
- An application must also be filled out in the applications forum. Code is found below.

!4Accept or Deny!4
*The Chief fighter may choose to accept or deny your challenge when it is brought to he or she. They can deny it because the user you challenged may not be prepared for it, requirement wise. Or that the challenged has come to the Chief Fighter to inform he or she that they deny the challenge before giving the challenger an answer.
- If challenge is denied, challenger gains his prize and challenged loses whatever was to be settled and loses # of Honor Points.
- If challenge is accepted, the battle is executed and if challenged wins, he gains Honor points and keeps or gains whatever was fought for vise versa.

!4Doing the challenge!4
*The challenge, to keep things fair, is done by rolling the dice. See Dices Guide for instructions on rolling the dice. The Chief fighter will oversee the challenge to be sure nothing goes wrong.

!4Challenge is over!4
*A winner or loser and the battle is over. Winner gains his rewards and loser walks away.
-If a tie occurs, there may be a Truce, or another battle put into place when three weeks RP time has passed.

!3Knowing your Commander in Chief!3

!3Form for Applications!3
 Challengers Name: (Name of the person who issued the challenge)
Challenged name: (Name of the one who was challenged)
Date Challenge was issued:(Date in numbers)
Reason:(Should be one of the above reasons)
Have you met the Chief in RP?:(See the above list for which chief you need to contact in RP)
Do both Characters meet requirements?:(Be sure to check!)

!3Form for PM!3
Challengers name:
Challenged name:
Date Challenge was made:
RP post:(Give the page and place where your post was made for proof of the challenge)

Do you !3Accept!3 or !4Yield?!4


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