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WOLVES: Seasonal Cycle

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WOLVES: Seasonal Cycle Empty WOLVES: Seasonal Cycle

Post by Zamber on Fri Aug 14, 2015 8:22 am

[guide title="Seasonal Cycle of Wolves"]

[box]All wolves go through a yearly cycle when it comes to the four seasons. Each season has a specific goal a wolf accomplishes during that season. Aside from those goals, wolves also undergo physical changes depending on the season. This guide will explain what happens during those seasons and why. Hope it was helpful.

During the Winter season, wolves are most active during this time, resting when they need a breather.. Hunting is diffucultm therefore the wolves would need to keep on their feet to follow the game trails of their prey. While wolves need to rest more often during the winter, etra stores of fat ensure a wolfs survival rate for a certain period of time which is why hunting is very important.
When a wolf hunts in the winter, it stays upwind and prevents itself from being spotted by its prey. Following the game trails allow the wolf to move a bit more easily through deep snow; it helps them conserve their energy.

Physical Appearance
While a wolf lives throughout winter, it's physical appearance changes ever so slightly. Their coats grow long and thick to a point where their body heat is secured and cannot escape. Snow, though it melts, won't do so on a wolfs fur coat. This means that regardless of how much snow a wolf has on it, it cannot penetrate the thickness of their undercoat.
At night when temperatures cool, wolves curl up so that their tails cover their noses to keep them warm and dry. As a wolf exhales, the fur of the tails acts as a vent that keep warm air in and permeates(spreads throughout) the wolfs body to keep him warm.[/box]

Wolves are more active as the days start to warm up. During the time of Spring, wolves play and converse with each other in joyment of the new season. Additionally, it is the time which wolves search for an existing den, dig it up, and make it their own. The den would serve as the rendezvous point when the Dominant couple have their pups.

Physical Appearance
Spring is the time when wolves begin shedding their winter coats. Watch out for those fur balls!

Summer time is the time for puppies to be out and about. At this time, the mother would rejoin the pack and hunt with them while her pups are safeguarded at the den. While pups come of age to move, the wolves would then travel to a "rendezvous site" which is nearer to the packs hunting grounds. Wolves are more active during the night when it is cooler and they can avoid the heat of the days sun.

Physical Appearance
No more winter coats! Wolves now have their short-haired coats to keep them cool.

Time to prepare for Spring! Packs will migrate with their prey now that the pups are old enough to venture with them. This is also the time for dispersal wolves to leave their maternal pack, find a mate, and create their own pack.

Physical Appearance
Pups are 50 pounds by this time and will continue to grow until they fully mature. A wolfs coat begins to thicken for the coming of winter.

Source: [link="http://www.wolfcountry.net/information/WolfCycle.html" text="WolfCountry"]

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