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Post by Blurred Lines Admin on Sat Apr 25, 2015 10:55 am

The story of Aneera, A City with a nearby Forest, starts long before it was even raised from the ground. It was a time when the world was full of many diffrent creatures. There were the might lions, the kings of the jungle. And then there were the mighty wolves. They who roamed the forests of the world. There were also many other creatures who lived upon this massive place. One of the most invasive species were known as humans. This species was destroying the jungles and forest around its inhabitants. Many feared that the animals would parish from existence.

You many ask what this had to do with our mighty home known as Aneera, Well let me explain. The humans pushed further and further into the jungles, killing the lions they came in contact with, cause the others to flee, along with many other species. The humans found a closed up cave. One that had been closed for thousands of years. On the outside of the rocks blocking its entrance were paintings, paintings of people dying. It was a warning, but the humans did not take it. They opened up the cve releasing a virus. It was a virus that the humans couldn't fight off, and slowly but surly it infected and Eventually the virus killed them all off. Their pets, the common dogs, were left to fend for themselves.

As the years passed the large structures known as cities and towns crumbled, becoming hideous rubble. Animals started to return to this massive area that was once their home. The lions had changed though. They had grown accustom to the hot and dry area they had called their home for some many years, but the. However the forest would not be free of felines, no no, Cougars eventually moved into the lions old terrain and made it their home. And though their sightings were few and far in between the returning wolves new they would need to be careful.

Wolves and the other creatures of the forest had all returned, prospering in their new,yet old, home. However, the dogs who had already lived in the area still resided in the crumbled city, they had banned together and formed a pack, which was now many generations in. They dogs and Wolves fought, eventually working out a border, the wolves owned the Forest, the dogs owned the city, but neither group was happy with the decision. So which will you chose? Will you fight with the dogs for domestication? Or will you fight with the wolves for freedom and wildness? The choice is yours.

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