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[LTW] PM Rules

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[LTW] PM Rules  Empty [LTW] PM Rules

Post by Strong on Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:53 pm

[guide title="PM Rules"]

[tit]Sending PM's (Private Messages)[/tit]
[box]This topic-tutorial aims to classify some rules and conditions to follow when sending private message on the forum, as well as some general information about them and their characteristics.

[blockquote]#* HOW TO SEND A PM?:
Firstly, you should at least have posted one post to be able to send a pm! As you cannot start to role-play until you've sent your biography here ->  [link="http://www.live-the-worldwide.com/f10-biographies" text="Biographies"] <- I advice you to do your first post there. Then, there are several ways to send pm, but the easy way is using the forum's menu, by clicking on the button that may appear in two ways:

[lyst]If you haven't got new PM [LTW] PM Rules  V_Ab_Gde_B
If you have got new PM [LTW] PM Rules  ZUNL0ag
Once inside the message box, select the button of the right to start writing the PM [LTW] PM Rules  Button_pm_new_en
No harassing! In case of harassment of users using PM, the author will lose the privilege of the private courier service. So don't disturb a lot the members, or you can be reported for that!
NOTE: If you add someone to foe list, this member automatically will be not allowed to send to you pm.

Respect each other. That means no name calling or bashing. You will be warned for that.

No conspiring secretly behind people's backs via pm. It's rude and usual of cowards. If you have a problem with someone try to speak with him using a responsible and respectful tone, or if you prefer you can ask the admins to do it for you.  I suggest you just don't break this rule. Since, you could get caught and the consequences are severe.

Appropriate use of icons. When sending messages, appears above the label -Title of the Topic- or  -Post Title- a set of images: [IMG src="https://i.imgur.com/rY1Fwlk.png"] Well, by default is selected in -None- , and is forbidden change that! Because the other icons are only for use them in the topics of the forums, not to send pm! Do not forget it! (Because these icons are too large for the use of them in the pm system)[/lyst][/box]


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