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Post by Zamber on Mon Nov 10, 2014 5:08 am

ฬєlς๏๓є t๏ ฬ๏lשєภ קคгค๔เรє
Four Packs|Semi-Literate|Apocalyptic|ACCEPTING MEMBERS AND STAFF|
Typical irony considering you live in the aftermath of an apocalypse, and they call it "Paradise". See, it happened like this...
The moon, forever a wolfs' best friend, was shattered by a rock they call Meteorite. Sounds simple enough, but wait, there is more to the story. This Meteorite, a large rock floating in outer space, that shattered the moon, is what started the apocalypse. Now, the moon controls a great deal of things on Earth. Wait, Earth is a Human terminology. The wolves call the planet, Glaciel, after the continent Pangaea of the Ice Age. Now we have gone from the Ice Age to the present Apocalyptic age where the death of the Moon has caused severe casualties to the packs of wolves roaming Glaciel at the present time. They fight for survival in none-hospitable lands. There are collides and casualties all around the four different parts of the world. Each pack has it's own advantage and disadvantage towards the harsh life styles. Keep in mind, no humans survived this catastrophe. What animals did survive, now roam the earth all to themselves. The packs, four of them in each of the four area of the continent that survived the black of Meteorite, live amongst them, these animals who survived, but not only did so many casualties be their problems. Natural disasters, elemental works, diseases, etc. also effect these wolves. It is almost a life or death situation for our wolves, and only a miracle could succumb to them at all. If you are a brave soul, how could you possibly survive something so cruel?
тнe pacĸѕ
Normaria Pack
Somaria Pack
Westeria Pack
Easteria Pack
Pack Creation date: October 24th 2014
Creator: Kaine
Packs newest member: Phantom
Member of the Month: TBD in November
Website link: http://wolvenparadise.forumotion.org/
Pack Staff Members: Kaine, Zoltan, Phantom, Lennox
Normaria Pack: 1
Somaria Pack: 1
Easteria Pack: 0
Westeria Pack: 0
The Staff
The Staff have the following permissions given to them from the Head Administrator! Please be sure to do your job correctly and have a positive attitude in terms of your duties. You are an administrator and as such, the expectations will be that you are completing your duties as any administrator on a forum would.  Failure to keep up would result in being moved to Moderator. You keep your rank as a Domini in RP, you just don't have the forum privileges that come with it.The users are experienced in forum usage as well as keeping things up to date. You responsibilities include the following:

   Being active on Wolfquest and the site
   Activating user accounts on the site
   Accepting forms on this thread and the site thread
   Keeping all information on the site up to date(Threads, statistics, etc) Anything information wise really.
   You can post Announcements of things

Treat the pack as if it were your own. If you have questions, ask me please!
joιnιng reqυιreмenтѕ
1. Be active on WolfQuest if you can!
2. Must register on the site and be active
4. Post the joining form exactly as it is in the code below
5. Register on the site with your wolfs name(If the forum says it is "Taken" put numbers and we can remove them if you wish. Check the members list as the Pack Creators recommendation)
6. Read the entire thread before posting an application here or on the site.
Affiliate Button(You MUST have one too in order to affiliate! Unless said otherwise^^)
<a href="http://wolvenparadise.forumotion.org/" target="_blank" title="wolvenparadise.forumotion.com"><img style="width: 88px; height: 31px;" src="http://i74.servimg.com/u/f74/19/02/53/34/banner35.jpg" alt="free forum" /></a>

Join us on the site! Or Affiliate as friend or Foe!


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