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Post by MoonShine on Sun Mar 02, 2014 12:24 pm

[guide title="Starcliff Kingdom Ranks"]

Below are the ranks for Starcliff Kingdom, how many spots are available for each one, and a description of each rank. If you do not do your job in the RP your spot in that rank can be revoked.

[tit]Noble Ranks:[/tit]
King (1/1)
The King is the King. He rules the the Kingdom and everyone under him must follow his orders. Whatever he says goes and if you chose to disobey his orders, he can punish you in any way he sees fit.

  • Gallius Argent

Queen (1/1)
The Queen has ruling powers like the King and everyone must listen to her as well. Even though she has just as much power as the King, she still must listen to him as well.

  • Arane Arasent

Captain (1/1)
His job is to make sure the King and Queen are protected and that the Royal Guard behave themselves. His duty is to make sure the Kingdom is secure and that all the Guards and Knights are up to skill in their weaponry.

  • Jacques Ciscre

Shaman (1/2)
The Shaman help heal the wounded and the sick. They are the doctors of the Kingdom and are very important to the Kingdom's survival.

  • Myrtle
  • ...

Shop-Owner (1/1)
This rank is exactly what is sounds like. They are in charge of running a store for the kingdom. He/she makes all kinds of weapons and other things to sell.

  • Meluna Faronwood

Stable-Hand (0/2)
Stable-Hands take care of the horses and make sure they are well feed and exercised enough. The Knights and anyone else who purchases a stall, depend deeply on these people to take care of their horses.

Knights (1/4)
Knights help aid the Captain in battles and wars. They are the ones that usually spend their time practicing their weaponry while they are not needed.

  • Denim Visk
  • ..

Guards (0/4)
Unlike the Knights, Guards tend to small matters in the Kingdom. They are the ones that will check you before entering places like the Castle and the Jail. They are also the ones that are called when someone is getting to rowdy at the Bar.

Courier (0/2)
Couriers are the messengers that are sent all around the Kingdom to deliver messages to people. If you need to deliver a letter and don't have enough time to run across the entire Kingdom, call a Courier. They are sometimes trusted with messages from the Royal Guard.

Spy (0/2)
This is a very hard rank that requires carefully precision. Spies are sent to other Kingdoms to catch wind of anything that could harm Gypsy. They do not act upon a issue, they just report back to GK to tell the Guards.

Servant (2/2)
Servants work first hand with the King and Queen. Their job is to make sure the Rulers are comfortable and are tended too. The job can be quite hard at times, but at least you can stay in the castle all the time. ^^

  • Victoria
  • Yanoro

Peasant (0/...)
Peasants are just regular people in the Kingdom. If you are Peasants it doesn't necessarily mean you have to completely poor. You can find them anywhere in the Kingdom doing work for money to feed their families.[/box]

[tit]Rogue Ranks[/tit]

[box]These ranks are here to cause trouble for GK. It adds more drama to the RP as well. ^^ Be careful to not get caught or your character will spend a certain amount of time in jail, or...you might get lucky and find a way to escape.

Thieves (0/4)
Thieves are the ones that when you are not looking, something will be stolen. They are sneaky things that don't like hurting people, they just like to fill their pockets with other people's things.

Assassin (0/4)
Assassins kill people. They are sometimes sent from other Kingdoms to kill someone important, but they can also be just regular folk wanting blood. They are quick with their actions and leave behind very little tracks. They are also harder to catch than Thieves. (Someone else's character can't be killed unless you have talked with them first.)

Free-Lancer (0/4)
Free-Lancers are traders trying to earn coins, but they do so in a sneaky way. They might raise the prices very high, and the item might not be worth it. They may also sell stolen goods that Thieves bring to them then resell it. (Can be good or bad)

  • Aziza Lieku

Smuggler (0/4)
A smuggler is someone who smuggles things into places that shouldn't be there. They might even smuggle weapons into a jail for someone to break out.[/box]


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