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Meluna's Store - Gypsy Kingdom - Merchant Stop - OPEN

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Meluna's Store - Gypsy Kingdom - Merchant Stop - OPEN

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:25 am

Welcome Guest!

This is my merchandise shop. Here, you are able to purchase any available items you can use in RP. You earn coins by simply doing your duty in RP according to your characters rank. You are paid !4100 Coins per week!4 and start off in RP with !4800 Gift Coins!4. Any purchase given to the store goes to the stores Bank and then can purchase as many items, as you can afford or are available.

Be careful when purchasing your items!Going over the limit, may cost you a seat in the !3DEBT LIST!3. The Debt List is found below the shop. You are able to purchase items even though you do not have enough money and end up there until your debt has been paid. Be careful!

@Stores @Bank: 820 Coins
@Selling @Items - Earns 50 coins/item to the person who sold it to the store.


Clothing/Weapons Department

Colors: Black
Description: Light weight, includes a hood, sun, wolf, flower, moon shaped clasps.
4 items Available30 Coins
Leather belt
Colors: Black, brown
Description: Lasts for a month at least,
not too sturdy, brass square shaped buckle.
4 Black
6 Brown
15 Coins
Type: Wood
Colors: Brown, black
Description: Good for hunting only, sturdy enough for two months(6 weeks real time).
Not in Stock right now...40 Coins
Bow 2
Type: Metal
Colors: Black Silver, grey
Description: Excellent for hunting, battles. Sturdy enough for 6 months(18 weeks real time).
Not in Stalk right now...45 Coins
Hunting Dagger(Small)
Type: Normal
Colors: Black, brown
Description: A dagger fit for skinning and killing small game such as rabbits, squirrels, rodents, small mammals.
4 Brown
8 Black
20 Coins
Hair Potion
Purpose: Changes hair color according to liquid color.
Liquid color: Black, brown, blonde.
Not in Stalk right now...15 Coins
Red Rose
Description: A flower with a long steam of which to give to a young lady or friend on special occasions.
Not in Stalk right now...15 Coins
Quiver of Arrows(Holds 10)
Description: A quiver with 10 wooden arrows.They're good for hunting but tend to break easily if used harshly. The Quiver is black with a leather strap snug for the shoulder.
Not in Stalk right now...50 CoinsLeather Boots
Description: Boots made for hunting, sturdy enough for 6 months. Comes in black or brown only.
6 Black
4 Brown
50 Coins

Horses Department
Stable Boarding
Description: If you own a horse or some other type of animal, You have the opportunity to board it at Gypsy stables. They are of fine
luxury and available at reasonable prices. See the Queen in RP before purchasing.
4 Stalls
50 Coins/Month
Horse Feed(Large bag)
Description:Contains an assortment of hay, grasses,and oats. Lasts for a week.
20 bags
20 Coins/Bag
Riding Saddle
Description:Sturdy leather saddle fit for long rides
on the trail or hunting in the forests around Gypsy
5 Black
3 Brown
75 Coins
Description:A bridal that fits all! Sturdy enough for about half a year.
6 Black
4 Brown
60 Coins
Horseshoes(Full set)
Description:Sturdy horseshose that last for two weeks. Comes cheap for all four done at the same time!
Available20 Coins/Shoe

Food/Medicinal Department
Description: This cloth comes in only white, thin fabric. It is useful as a bandage, washing utensil. Comes in separate rolls.
Available20 Coins/roll
Bar of Soap(Flower scented)
Description: A square of circular bar used to clean things. Comes in handy for wounding tending, dish washing, laundry, etc.
2 circular
7 square
Cost 15 coins/bar
Description: Useful for melodies and potions. Comes in available colors.
Not in stalk right now...10 coins/bottle

Upcoming Additions:

  • Satchels
  • Boots
  • Armor(For the knights and guards)
  • Staves
  • Horses(Maybe rentals?)
  • Housing
  • Farmland
  • Foods
  • Skins/furs
  • Spears
  • Swords

Meanings of some things:

@Month - A Month in RP is about two weeks real time. So when something can last for two months, it lasts four weeks real time. So on so forth.

@Week - Week in rp is the same as a week in real time.

If anyone has things they wish to see added to the store, please list them within your next purchase, or let Meluna know in RP!

Last edited by Meluna Faronwood on Fri Mar 21, 2014 3:24 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Editing tables, adding stuff)

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Re: Meluna's Store - Gypsy Kingdom - Merchant Stop - OPEN

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 07, 2014 4:27 am

(He already went to the stables and got everything)

A1 He reined Beau to a halt roughly as her hooves clopped on the road in front of Meluna's store. If anyone could help, it would be her. She would be able to use her bow to get a good hit on the kidnapper. !4Meluna!!4 He didn't want to get off Beau and then have to climb back on, it took him long enough to saddle her up and climb on. He reined Beau as close as he could to the store's window and called out again, this time not so loud, !1Meluna!!1 He was out of breathe but he wasn't sure why. Probably from the sudden rush of energy he had to use in the last 5 mins. !1I need your help!!1 He was reluctant to ask for her help with something like this, but she was the closets and the assassin ran through this way anyway. Beau must have sensed Jacque's anxiety because she pranced her front feet and neighed loudly. !2Where is she..!2

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Re: Meluna's Store - Gypsy Kingdom - Merchant Stop - OPEN

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 07, 2014 4:42 am

A1. Meluna came back to her shop the day before and set up new things amongst shelves and Departments. She had dressed today in her usual attire. Her mind strayed ever so often to thoughts of the knight she had come so close to... and it brought her away from work. She eventually decided to go to the stores back room and gather supplies for a short journey out f town to see friendly merchants that she knew. She heard a horse pass by up front, bt thought nothing unusual about it and continued with her work.!2Meluna!!2She paused then, unsure if she heard right.!2 Meluna!!2!2Jocques!1?She said surprised. !2I need your help!!2The shopkeeper hastily made it to the front. Jocques sat on his horse by the window.She opened the door and stepped out.!1Jocques, what is it?!1She asked. She was glad to see him, but she could guess something must be wrong.

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Re: Meluna's Store - Gypsy Kingdom - Merchant Stop - OPEN

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 07, 2014 6:03 am

A1 He continued to pace Beau back and forth debating on whether to just go ahead or continue to wait for her. Not soon after that thought ran across his mind she opened the door and came out on the porch. 'Jacques, what is it?' !1Meluna!..!1 He paused for a second to catch his breathe, !1The Queen as by taken! Grab Thristle and your Bow we could use it!!1 He circled Beau around to keep her moving, but the movement didn't agree with his abdomen. He put that fact aside and looked into Meluna's eyes, both apologetic and begging. She was the only one he knew that could use a bow.

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Re: Meluna's Store - Gypsy Kingdom - Merchant Stop - OPEN

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 07, 2014 7:14 am

A1. Meluna listened as Jacques soke with urgency.!2Meluna!..The Queen as by taken! Grab Thristle and your Bow we could use it!!2Meluna gasped. Without reply, she whirled and ran back into the shop to snatch her bow of which she had left on the table so she wouldn't forget to bring it on her journey. Then she raced out the door, slamming it behind her and sprinted around the back to grab Thistle who snacked on some hay. She saddled and bridled him before mounting and reining the horse to where Jacques waited for her.!1Lets go!!1 she shouted as she kicked the stallion forward into a gallop.

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Re: Meluna's Store - Gypsy Kingdom - Merchant Stop - OPEN

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 08, 2014 5:42 am

A1 As soon as he got the sentence out of his mouth Meluna was already in action. She ran inside grabbed her bow and then ran around to the back. Mean while Jacques patted Beau's next trying to relax her a bit. She was both excited for a little action and jumpy cause he was. Within a matter of minutes Meluna had Thristle saddled and charged down the cobblestone street. He turned Beau in a circle before catching stride next to Thristle. The horses looked good running full speed next to each other and he couldn't help but wonder what they looked like next to each other. He shook his head and focused on the street before them, !2There is no time to think like that..!2 He gave Beau and harder than normal squeeze and she kicked it into high gear.

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Re: Meluna's Store - Gypsy Kingdom - Merchant Stop - OPEN

Post by Sponsored content

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